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    Moved from hardware to virtual server
    by Admin User - Saturday, 25 June 2016, 2:39 PM

    The old Big Baran hardware that has supported ISPG, Farrer and Silo for many years has been decommissioned. Most of the web services were migrated to a new virtual server (apww03.csu.edu.au). The OS changed from FreeBSD to RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) according to CSU Infrastructure Standards.


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    ISPG Moodle Upgraded from 2.5 -> 2.6 -> 2.7
    by Admin User - Tuesday, 7 October 2014, 11:03 PM

    Moodle 2.5 had reached end-of-life support so I had to upgrade to 2.6. 2.7 was available so I upgraded again to this latest version. There was some incompatibility with the Assignment tool but I was able to upgrade using a provided tool.

    Please report any problems with Moodle to the Administrator.

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    ISPG Moodle upgraded from 2.4.x to 2.5.1
    by Admin User - Friday, 9 August 2013, 2:44 PM

    This was a more than minor upgrade but it went smoothly.