Social Networking, Online Communities and Deep Learning

Co-constructing learning and research as a global citizen

Mobile and social networking applications have changed the landscape for communication and the way that we learn, communicate, act and do business. Social software is being adopted for educational, political and business use and is valuable in supporting new learning and work experiences with the emphasis on collaborative spaces led by the new social media: social networking sites, mobile applications (smart phones and tablets), blogs, podcasts and wikis. Social Networking and Online communities have gone mainstream in all areas of human activity enhancing the user experience for workflow in groups. A holistic Border Studies approach is required for a closer examination of the philosophy, ethics, security, sociology, psychology, economics as well as the computer science.

Communication, learning and research using multiple devices such as computer, tablet, smartphone or other wearable devices (smart watches) with personal digital assistants, beckons the rise of machine learning and its deep learning opportunities.