Beyond Learning HTML

So you think you have power? No?
Then change yourself from a consumer of information to a producer!
Now you have the power… Just ask Donald!

Don’t duck for cover, but replace the quill pen and communicate online via Web pages using the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML.

Our two starting resources for learning HTML are:

  1. W3Schools tutorials at
  2. Sea Monkey editing tool from

After we tinker for a while, we need to build and maintain a Website.

So our next two resources are a Web address and an Online Host with a Web server.
Many companies provide both in a competitive market.

For seniors the the Go Daddy company does it all and has a loud voice in advertising with Alf at for $5 a month from

Meanwhile you MOODLE account at can host you Web pages as you build up your Publishing Power, as HTML is only the beginning.
We need to learn how to make our pages interactive by using JavaScript and look good with Cascading Style Sheets CSS, graphic design and lots of images and videos.

This is only the beginning… It's Only the Beginning - Deborah Conway

Welcome to E-commerce Models & Borderless Shopping. eBay, Gumtree and Amazon are our 3 case studies as we develop strategies to buy and sell online. As well as the underlying technologies being used as we are expected to do many transactions online.

E-commerce Models & Borderless Shopping is flipping, morphing and changing the way we do business transactions online. The shopfront can still be glass windows and doors with window dressing of sample wares... or it can be a Webpage or Smartphone app or "all of the above"!

How big is your disruption handling threshold?
So how do we buy and sell online? 

These are TWO key question for study in this course using three main case studies: eBay, Gumtree and Amazon

Security, payment, logistics, delivery, trust, intuitive experience, 24/7 shopping - are just like the real thing but now it is the real thing

A convenient way to look at all Consumers is to divide them into 3 wide groups: Baby boomers (1946-1965); Generation X (1966-1981) and Millennials (1982-2001).

Cyber Security

Cyber security awareness and behaviors are developed with wider education, policies and strategies are the base load that requires:

A set of context-based strategies and behaviours to strengthen each one as a link in the cyber security chain.

In this course a student learns the main techniques for manipulating images such as photographs. Creating images such as logos and icons is also discussed.

Introduces concepts in Relational Database using

You are never too young to write computer code!

This course is about learning to write computer programs in Python at your own pace and depth.
The course will also teach you how to think about and solve problems by writing and running Python programs.

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